A souvenir made chocolate


The taste you'll never forget, the brand you'll always remember: Chocolate Santa Rita.

Offering our product since 2018


We are a family business, which has had the privilege of uniting several passions and loves. Silky chocolates produced with world class organic seeds from various areas of Costa Rica. We created a brand that encapsulates the legacy and pride of our ancestors in cocoa products produced by hand with love and care, that reach your hands in a colorful packaging that reminds you how beautiful and rich in landscapes that is our Costa Rica.


We capture in our chocolates the richness of Costa Rica's biodiversity, our food and our people. Each bite of our chocolates evokes a place, a person or an experience enjoyed in the 51,100 km² of this beautiful land called Costa Rica.


Our vision is to ensure that tourists who visit us have the opportunity to take with them a sweet souvenir of our country in the form of a high quality artisan chocolate. We want to offer them a unique experience, healthy and with an eye-catching presentation, so they can remember their experience in Costa Rica and share it with others.

Core Values




Customer Service



Pleasure in every tablet
Tailor-made artisanal organic chocolate

A sweet memory of Costa Rica

In our company, we have fused Costa Rican tradition with the pleasure of chocolate. Each of our chocolates is a sweet memory of Costa Rica, a delicious sample of our culture and authentic flavors. Made with organic and carefully selected ingredients, we seek to stand out in the chocolate industry.

In addition to being a healthier option, organic seed is more environmentally friendly. By avoiding the use of chemicals grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other synthetic chemicals, it reduces soil and water pollution and promotes a more balanced ecosystem.



A gift

For all the senses






Design and packaging

Our focus on design is what sets us apart. Every piece of chocolate we create is an edible work of art. We care not only about the quality of the flavor, but also about the visual aesthetics. We want our chocolates to be a complete experience for both the palate and the eyes.

Organic Seed

In a world where health and wellness are increasingly important, we are proud to offer organic chocolates. We make sure to use ingredients of natural origin, free of chemicals and pesticides. Our chocolates are a healthy option without compromising taste and quality.

Customer Service

We value our customers and strive to provide them with a memorable experience on every visit. Our consistency in customer care and service sets us apart. We want each person who visits us to feel special and enjoy a unique moment when tasting our chocolates.

Production standards

In our constant search for excellence, we also apply technological innovation in the manufacture of our chocolates. We use production equipment that allows us to achieve levels of precision, efficiency and homogeneity of flavor. This technology helps us to create chocolates with exceptional texture and flavor, while maintaining quality and freshness in each piece. Through our production equipment, we ensure that every bite of our chocolates is a unique and satisfying experience.



Quality is one of our fundamental pillars. We strive to offer exceptional chocolates in taste and texture. Each piece is elaborated with the best ingredients and artisan care. We want our customers to know that they are enjoying the best Costa Rican tradition in every bite.


We want every interaction with our company to be positive and satisfying. We are committed to listening to our customers, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

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A souvenir made chocolate
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