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A souvenir made chocolate


"Immerse yourself in the pleasure of chocolate, a sweet hug for your palate"

Our History

In the middle of the Guanacaste pampas, specifically in Sardinal de Carrillo, a group of hardworking Costa Ricans founded a hamlet they called Santa Rita in the late 1800s. In 1905, Don Sebastián Caravaca, Doña Eugenia Pizarro and their children began a new chapter for their family, living in a large house with high tile roofs, cool earthen floors, wide doors, beautiful details in their cedar woodwork, comfortable hallways and a beautiful fireplace. Doña Eugenia was widowed at a young age, and together with her seven children, her house was the center of the hamlet, and although some of her children migrated to San José, Liberia, and Filadelfia, when they and their grandchildren visited the empowered Mita (as Doña Eugenia was affectionately called), they referred to their matron's house as Santa Rita.

One of the Mita's granddaughters looked forward to the vacations at the beginning of the year to spend long periods of time at her grandmother's house. There, along with her cousins, she learned to ride horses, draw water from the well, light the stove, cook with firewood, fish in the creek, climb trees and run through the plains of the Guanacaste pampas. The only thing that didn't make this josefina's stay at La Mita much fun was when the night came. The house in Santa Rita had running water and electricity at the end of the 20th century, so for a Josefina who grew up with electricity in her house it was a torment when night came. Her mother, then, to appease her fear of being in the large master bedroom in absolute darkness, gave her a flashlight. In this way, every time some typical sound of the pampa frightened the little girl, she immediately lit the ceiling and watched the tiles of the house. Many nights she fell asleep drawing fantasies on the tile roof with the light of the lantern.

In 2017, when the heredian family of Doña Eugenia's granddaughter decided to create a brand of artisan chocolates, they immediately thought of honoring the Guanacaste part of the family and named the chocolates Santa Rita. Nothing more representative for the logo than the tiles that always accompanied the nights and dawns of one of our founders.

The climate in Guanacaste has two distinct seasons, summer and winter. In summer the copper tones of the sun hiding in the plains, the flowers of malinche, yellow bark and jacaranda adorn the road still ballast that leads to the house. In winter, the mix of green leaves is a delight to the eyes. This richness of colors inspired our packaging, vibrant and colorful, full of energy like the land of the Caravaca Pizarro family, and we accompany them with the fauna that inhabits Costa Rica and that makes us so well known in the world. We want you to remember our sunsets, our rivers, our forests and our people when you hold one of our chocolates in your hands, we want you to remember Costa Rica in a chocolate. Santa Rita, a chocolate made souvenir.

Chocolate with soul, made with love

A souvenir made chocolate

Passion and dedication in every piece of chocolate we create

Artisanal Chocolate

Try chocolate made with passion and mastery: an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Immerse yourself in the sweet pleasure of artisanal chocolate

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Discover the true pleasure of artisanal chocolate: a unique experience for your senses

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A souvenir made chocolate
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